Update 14-11-2016


It's moving.

We now support the full On-boarding Process of a New Employee. Below you can see a summary of the process:

- Add a person, create a case and start a workflow from you email inbox.
- Share a form via email with this person, asking them to fill in basic details, needed during/after recruitment.
- Complete internal labour conditions form, during or after final meeting when it has been decided to hire the person.
- Generate a contract/proposal. Adjust if needed.
- Store sent e-mail. (proposal)
- Store received e-mail. (signed contract)
- Share a form asking for final details needed to register this person in the Nmbrse® payroll app.
- Send change request to Nmbrs® Payroll to register the "New employee".
(Not all cases covered yet)

Watch the 10 minute video with all the above presented!

At this moment we are working on further improvements for our current features. Bug fixes are released on a daily basis. Please inform us if you find an issue or feature which does not feel solid or breaks. 

A new Name

From the start of the Nmbrs® HR project we always had to explain what Nmbrs® HR does not do -> the conventional HR features such as payroll/planning/reporting/strategy. After explaining the don't does we could go into telling what we actually CAN do for HR-managers.

To avoid having to explain the don't do story we have chosen to change the app name from Nmbrs® HR to HR Inbox, which initially makes it more clear what the app is actually doing. This is only a soft announcement of our renaming, since you might already see it pop-up in different places in the app. Later on we will make a proper announcement and celebrate it!  


Main releases since latest update
Improve Form action
- Being able to add a share option to a form action, get a URL, and send the URL to a person by email. The URL is a webpage that contains an empty version of the form which can be filled out, add a comment and files.
- Auto fill forms if data fields are already used in a case.

Improve Todo action
- Ability to "Share" a todo. Same as shared forms although you will only have a button "Done", comment and a files option.

Improve Document action
- Being able to change values for a 'document generation' action which is planned (draft status).
- Download the draft file to edit it it locally, upload the adjusted file to the action and complete the action. 

What we are working on
Start case from HR signals
- Set HR signals to be send to you HR app, like you can for e-mail signals. You HR app will automatically create a case for you. 

Improve Workflows
- New actions types will be available in the workflow editor. The workflow planning in the case and the template builder will get a usability update so more details for planned actions can be specified.
New action type to be used in cases
- Decision. Write down a question and expect the assigned user to select a option. Each option could trigger a different follow up workflow. (Shareable)
Web to contact forms
- Embed on your webpage or share your form templates. Submitting will start a case.
- Email. Send an email from within Nmbrs® HR. 
User roles
Add features like limited access to people, cases or parts of it (data), limited access to features. We still need more experience, with to be release features, to see which people need acces to the Nmbrs® HR app and what solutions we need to limit data and feature access.
Availability of the HR Inbox API to support third party and custom integrations.
- Create people and cases
- Digital signatures
- Send and receive messages/notes (Webhooks)
- Submit and receive forms (actions)

Meanwhile we will reorganise features and interface elements to increase usability. We will add small feature options requested by our users like filters, tag options, order on overviews as well.
Please keep sending in your suggestions for small adjustments to feature request!
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