How to share Actions


Please note the following when sharing:
- Actions can only be shared with 1 email address at the time for now.
- If an form action is being shared only blank forms are available to the receiver. If forms are (automatically) pre-filled within your Nmbrs® HR app this data will not be available on the shared version of it. It's also not possible to retrieve data from submitted forms. As soon as the form is submitted Nmbrs® HR removes the URL which gives access to the action.
- When reopening a action, sharing settings need to be reset manually.
- If you add "Share" to an action a URL will be available. Adding an email address is not required. 

Add "sharing" to an Action

If you create a new Action:
- While adding an action to a case you could choose to add "Share" to the action from the bottom bar. A URL is added automatically and will be available as long as the action is "open". If you also add an email address to the "Share" option we will send an email to this address with a request to help finishing the action. This email contains a link (the same URL). Click here to jump to an image of a opened URL.

 If you edit an Action:
- You could always select "Edit" on an open action and remove, add or change the "Share" settings. If an action is re-opened sharing options will be removed and need to be reset manually.

Use the buttons on the action bars:
Shareable actions are indicated with icons. Sharing is only possible for To-dos, Forms and Decisions while being "Open".

Blue icon
- The blue icon indicates that an action is currently shared.

- If you click on the icon you could choose to "Copy link", "Share with" or "Stop sharing".

Gray icon
- The icon appears when you hover on a action which is shareable. Click on the icon to share the action. 

Shared actions and workflows

Actions planned in a workflow can be shared. At this moment it's not possible to share actions "by default" on a workflow template. Actions first need to be added to a case as part of a workflow. Once planned, you can share a action as shown above.

Sharing actions which are part of a workflow means that the "done" action will trigger the next action in the workflow.

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