Update 2-9-2016


Next Phase!

Nmbrs® HR reached a new phase, and now we will tell you all about it in this update note. You will also read about the latest features and you will get a clear view on our roadmap. 

What we have been working on:

- Send your data to your Nmbrs® Payroll app using the forms feature.
A very first version of sending a "form" to our Payroll app is about to be released. In a week Nmbrs® Payroll will be updated so it can receive forms from Nmbrs® HR. As an HR manager you will be able to create a change request (Mutation form) in the Payroll app from within Nmbrs® HR. The following change request forms we be available: new employee, function, department, manager, schedule, address, wage tax, bank account, salary and employment termination.

- Set triggers in your Nmbrs® Payroll app to start a case.
Nmbrs® Payroll released a new feature to send a "webhook" when a HR signal is triggered. This feature will only be visible if the debtor is connect to an Nmbrs® HR environment. This "webhook" is just a notification. As soon as Nmbrs® HR receives a notification it will start a case for the employee involved.  

From "completion of a concept" into "making it work"

The Nmbrs® HR squad has been working on the completion of a concept since January this year. We have been pitching the vision, concept and features ever since in order to find the right set of features that makes Nmbrs® HR "work" for HR managers. Many users already experience great benefits from currently available features, but we want to make things "flow" more easily. The features are not connected enough, yet, for them to comfortably work together in a workflow. That is why that became our focus for a minimal viable product. We have listed the features below with the adjustments needed and their estimated time of arrival.

- Person, available
- Case, available
- Add Note, available
- Plan Todo, available
- Fill-out Form, partially available. Being able to share a form is needed, we expect it to be available in the last week of september
- Generate Document, available but needs fine tuning on usability. Expected to be released in the last week of september as well. 
- Workflow, available. Being able to share a form with the "case about" is needed to share a form automatically. Available in the last week of September as well. 

Scale the usage, scale the team

Since the beginning, we have been working on Nmbrs® HR with only 2, which helped us a lot with our focus on building the concept. Even during this phase we have always kept high priority on the support of our users. To be able to keep up building new features ánd a high standard of support for a growing amount of users we had to extend the team. At the end of this month we will be building the love for HR with 4!



In order of release

Improve Form action
- Being able to add a share option to a form action, get a URL, and send the URL to a person by email. The URL is a webpage that contains an empty version of the form which can be filled out, add a comment and files.
- Auto fill forms if data fields are already used in a case.

Improve Todo action
- Ability to "Share" a todo. Same as shared forms although you will only have a button "Done", comment and a files option.

New actions types:
- Decision. Write down a question and expect the assigned user to select a option. Each option could trigger a different follow up workflow. (Shareable)
- Email. Send an email from within Nmbrs® HR.
Improve Document action
- Being able to change values for a 'document generation' action which is planned (draft status).
- Download the draft file to edit it it locally, upload the adjusted file to the action and complete the action.
Improve Workflows
New actions types will be available in the workflow editor. The workflow planning in the case and the template builder will get a usability update so more details for planned actions can be specified.
Web to contact forms
Embed on your webpage or share your form templates. Submitting will start a case.
User roles
Add features like limited access to people, cases or parts of it (data), limited access to features. We still need more experience, with to be release features, to see which people need acces to the Nmbrs® HR app and what solutions we need to limit data and feature access.
Bulk change/start
Solutions to change people information as wel as starting cases/actions for groups of people in your Nmbrs® HR App.
Meanwhile we will reorganise features and interface elements to increase usability. We will add small feature options requested by our users like filters, tag options, order on overviews as well.
Please keep sending in your suggestions for small adjustments to feature request!
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