Update 24-6-2016


Major Update!

We are very exited to tell about the update we've done last Thursday night!

Since we started to spread the vision of Nmbrs® HR we've received loads and loads of feedback and ideas. This led to a concept and features which didn't fit in the actual way of working in Nmbrs® HR. The "Tasks" interface and pop-up simply didn't have the space to accommodate a form for example.

Having this new app design allows us to implement many new features during the next months. Stay tuned! 

For each action we now show a bar. Open the bar to see what needs to be done.

What needs to be done in the next 7 days?
You will see one list of actions to pay attention to, that's it. If you look at the dashboard of the person or team, we just display all actions in chronological order.
Latest updates
"Done" actions convert into cards at "Latest updates". Select a card to re-open or view more details.
Workflows will be displayed in separate lists at cases. A closed workflow can be found under the cases header. Just click the prior finished workflows to view. Actions from these workflows do also show at "latest updates".
Workflow templates
Since forms and documents are now actions (with a due date, comments and files). You are also able to add them to your workflow templates.


Please find the current development roadmap and focus in our previous update note.

We wil soon present our roadmap, wish list and idea box in Nmbrs® HR.

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