Update 17-6-2016


Love (y)our (HR) upcoming release!

The estimate we gave in our previous update note is very likely to be achieved. We still expect to release our MVP at the end of this month!

Let's give you a heads up about the features. Each feature is a topic. For each topic we tell something about the short and long term improvements. Please let us know if there is any feature or topic which you want to have an update about, which is not listed. We will at it to our update notes.

* Ready at the end of June

About the app in general

The NTBD (Needs To Be Done) will be the main menu to start actions and cases. This menu will show on top of your dashboard's (Main, Teams, Cases, etc.).
Expect it to look like this mock-up: 
Bars UI*
To be able to extend the functionality of the current tasks(actions) we needed to change the UI. The interface will be more centered and contains bars to be opened.
A preview of what we aim for: 

Actions in general

Actions will be released at the end of June. Features in this topic apply to all action types. Actions support all the possibilities previously available on "Tasks". Next to that you can now add files to it.
With the first release we support 3 types of actions*:
- To-dos
- Forms
- Documents
Future improvements:
- Sharing actions
New actions types:
- Email. Send a template based email, automated sending is optionally.
- Decision. Action to select a successive workflow.

Template builder

We still need to add:
- An indicator to show if a field links to either Payroll or HR. Not planned to be fixed yet.
We would love to get some more feedback on our template builder and the usage!


Tasks will be converted to an improved version of itself called "To-dos". Therefor all the improvements for the actions in general, will apply for "To-dos" aswel. 

Document creation 

The next improvements for creating documents is:
- Be able to change document values as long as the action is not yet "done". 


Improvements for forms:
- Auto-fill forms based on previous values for the same field in the same case
- Supply Nmbrs® Payroll change request forms. Add "fixed" forms which can be shared across apps. Once submitted your Payroll app receives a notification about the new data on the form. This data can be directly applied to your Payroll app or trigger a change request.


Previously known as "Tracks". There is no difference between "Workflows" and "Tracks" ,besides the name, although we will improve workflows a lot.
The upcoming improvements are*:
- Adding the "Form" and "Document" action to the workflow
More to be done:
- A new editor which allows us to put in more settings for each action (see next items)
- Plan action for specific users
- Share actions with specific roles or email addresses
- Plan workflows towards deadlines


We will deliver the first email feature:
- When you share a action with an email address and email will be send with URL to perform the action (To-do, form).
Sending email based on templates (from a workflow) will be added later since we expect it to be less important than sharing actions via email. This might be postponed.


Start a case from a webhook
Nmbrs® Payroll is now able to send webhooks based on the HR-signals. A first release of "receiving notifications" will create a case as soon as a signal is received from payroll.
Start a case from a form
- Form templates will be available on a individual website. This means that you can send out a forms URL with an empty form, without having to start a case. Once submitted a case will be started.
- Embed a form template on any website. Once submitted a case will be started


Keep sensitive data securely stored. Cases and everything it could contain will have privacy settings. This means that you can set access permission to each case, action, note, email etc.

Teammanager access

As soon as we are able to support privacy settings we can add more users/user roles to Nmbrs® HR.
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