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Love your HR!

I looked back at our previous update note which have been published in January. Yes, it starts with it's been a while, a lot has been changed etc., but we promise we will improve this cycle.

We are really close to a MVP which we've planned to release at the end of June. This will make it important to improve update notes and release cycles as if we are grown ups!

Lets give you a heads up about these past months and lets put some pressure on ourselves by giving some estimations. We estimate themes with a * to be ready at the end of May. The double ** stands for June/July.

"Ask for estimates; treat them as deadlines"

- Michiel Chevalier March 2016


This update note is the first one being posted on our new knowledge base support.nmbshr.com! Unfortunately, it's not possible to subscribe for updates. We will solve this from within our app by showing notifications and sending emails. Expect this to be available at the end of June.

About the app in general*

We've changed the interface of the navigation into the new Nmbrs® 2020 design. The next design changes will take place during this month. We will touch and improve many features in Nmbrs® HR so we can also update their UIs.
We also had a big challenge finding the right interface to start "actions". Nmbrs® HR supports many different tools and features to get your work done. They started to become scattered trough the app but we now have a solution for it. We call it the "What needs to be done".
Expect it to look like this mock-up:
We will give you an update for each of the roadmap themes based on the roadmap, our previous comments and estimations. The order of the themes is the order we keep to deliver. 


Template builder

We have updated the template builder and added a HR and/or Payroll option. Depending on which tab you choose, while adding data fields to your template, we will fetch the data from the selected app. You are now able to exactly specify if the data should come from our Payroll or HR app. (This will only work if the person that belongs to the case is connected to an employee in payroll of course ;-).



Tasks will be converted to an improved version of itself called "Actions". A task is the first supported action to plan and is renamed into "to-do". The only difference between a task and a to-do is that you can add a file to a to-do and you'll be able to share the to-do. More actions to be released soon. Read "Documents" and "Forms" to find out more.


Document generator*

The document generator is ready. You can now upload your templates to Nmbrs® HR, open a case, and create documents based on these templates. You can change and add values if the are not available. 
The next steps for creating documents is:
- Make "Adding documents" an action. Instead of directly putting them on your activity stream we will first add them to your open actions.
- Giving them "states". In the "Draft" state your can still change data fields (at the moment it is only possible right after creation). "Approved" wil trigger the next workflow action (once able to add document actions to workflows) and we will send the approved file to an email address you've entered to share this action with.
- Adding them to the "What need to be done".
- Adding document actions to the workflow builder.



Forms are done aswel. 
Improvements for forms:
- Adding forms will also become an action.
- Forms will have a "state" aswel. "Open" to fill-out a form, "Done" when ready. "Open" will share the action, "Done"  will trigger a next action.
- Adding them to the "What needs to be done".
- Adding document actions to the workflow builder.



Previously know as "Tracks". There is no difference between "Workflows" and "Tracks" ,besides the name, although we will improve workflows a lot.
The improvements are:
- A new editor which allows us to put in more settings for each action. (Yes you will add actions to a workflow instead of adding task).
- Adding actions to the workflow (documents, forms, workflow follow-ups).
- Improving the options for a to-do when adding to a workflow.



We will deliver the first email feature. When you share a action with an email address and email will be send with URL to perform the action (To-do, form). Sharing a document action means that we send the document once approved (when the action is done).
Email about shared actions is being done while improving the action types. Sending email based on templates (from a workflow) will be added later since we expect it to be less important than sharing actions via email. This might be postponed.


Webhooks in**

Nmbrs® Payroll is now able to send webhooks based on HR-signals. Nevertheless Nmbrs® HR is not yet able to receive and handle those messages. We will build a tool which enables you to receive and handle notifications (create case, action or note).


Webhooks out**

Nmbrs® HR will send specific notifications to other apps. Think of "New employee" , "New user", "Contract change" signals your send from within your cases. By doing so you can inform other apps about your case status. The first app to communicate with will of course be Nmbrs® Payroll. Nmbrs® Payroll can than initiate changes requests based on the case information and message type.



Keep sensitive data securely stored. Cases and everything it could contain will have privacy settings. This means that you can set access permission to each case, action, note, email etc.


Teammanager access

As soon as we are able to support privacy settings we can add more users/user roles to Nmbrs® HR.
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