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With the form template builder you can create internal, shareable or web-to-contact forms. You don't have to select the type of form while creating it, because all forms can be used as any kind of type.

Add a new form template

- Open the settings menu at the upper right side of your browser window (gear wheel icon).

- Select "Forms" from the left menu.

- Select "Add form".

You have now started the "Editor". When you add a new form there are three options to start from (if you have already uploaded other forms or documents):

1) Based on a document. This option takes all the data fields from your document template and adds them to your form template. This ensures that you have a form that, at least, contains all fields needed to create the selected document.

2) Start from copy. Use this option if you have an existing form you only want to change slightly so you can use it for a different purpose. This means that you don't have to fully rebuild the form.

3) Start from scratch. Choose this option of you'd like to add everything yourself.

After selecting one of these options, you are ready to start editing your form.

Edit a template

You enter the edit mode after opening an existing or new form. Now you can add three types of elements to your form.

1) Add a "Title and Text" (Tt) field
The Title and Text field enables you to provide some context to the data fields you request from the user. Every form requires at least one "Title" field, which is the title for the entire form. Entering a description is not required here; this field will disappear if you don't use it. Our advise is to add a title and text element at the top of each section, to explain how to fill-in the form and what you expect from your users.

2) Add data fields (+)
The squared + Icon on the add bar adds data fields to your form. These are the fields you request from the person filling-in the form. 
- Click on the + sign to add the element.

- Search for the data field name and select it.


After creating a form, you might be curious to see how it looks. Click on the "eye" icon in the bar above your form to view it as if you are a user who is requested to fill-in the form.

Background color

Next to the "eye" preview icon is a "color palette" icon: click on it to set a background color for your form. This background color will be used when you embed the form within your own webpages as Web-to-contact form, and also on the webpage we provide when you share a form.

Internal use

By "internal use" we mean adding a form to a case without any "sharing" settings. This form should be filled-in by you or one of your colleagues with a user account.

- add a form to a case

Shared forms

Sharing a form is as easy as adding email addresses while adding a form to a case. Nmbrs® HR then sends an email to the added email address(es) with a request to fill-in the form. The recipient can fill-in the form within his/her own email client, if this is compatible. In addition, a link is provided that directs the recipient to a webpage with the same functionalities to complete the form.

Web-to-contact forms

Web-to-contact forms are forms embedded within your own webpages. There is a "copy" icon for each form available to be embedded. Please set the follow-up settings for a form, so the copy URL icon will show up. 

Once you've copied the URL you can paste it wherever needed: show it in an iframe, send it via email or post it as a link.

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