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What is a document in Nmbrs® HR?

Nmbrs® HR has the ability to generate documents based on templates enriched with data fields. A documents consists of three parts: a template, data fields and the actual Word file.

Each time you add a document to a case, you have to select a template. Nmbrs® HR uses this template as base for the Word file.
Once you've added a document to a case, Nmbrs® HR creates a draft Word file for you. You can add and change the data fields in the HR app as long as the document is in a draft state. After changing the fields you can refresh the Word file and download a new version.
The final step of a document is approving it. Upon approval Nmbrs® HR locks the document/file, which means that it cannot be changed anymore.

Create a document template

Creating a document template is very easy, but you do need to have access to the Office Store. Office versions from 2013 onward are compatible with the Office Store. Follow the step in the article below to install the Word add-in.

Once you've installed the add-in you can start creating templates. When you open Word after installing the add-in you will find it here:

Open the add-in and add data fields to your template by clicking on "Get started". If you click on a data field it will be placed at the position of your cursor on the page.

Please note that we support two tabs of data fields. The first one is Nmbrs® HR, the second Nmbrs® Payroll!

- If you use data fields from the Nmbrs® HR tab, the data is fetched from forms in the same case as the one in which you create the document.

- If you use the data fields from the Nmbrs® Payroll tab, the data is fetched from the connected employee. During the connection setup, each person in Nmbrs® HR is connected to an employee in Nmbrs® Payroll. The person being the case subject needs to have such a connection.

When you are done editing your template, save the document as a .docx file on your local device.

Add your template to your HR app

After saving the template to your local machine, it has to be uploaded to the Nmbrs® HR settings menu.

- Open Nmbrs® HR.

- Click on the settings (gear wheel) icon in the upper right of your browser.

- Select "Documents" from the left menu.

- Now you can either drag and drop the file to the Nmbrs® dropbox logo or click on the logo to search for the file on your local machine.

As soon as the template has been uploaded, it can be used within a case.

Use forms and documents together

Before you start to create documents in cases, it's important to know whether all information necessary is available.

- If you've selected fields from the Payroll tab in the Word template builder, you are depending on the availability within the payroll app. Your payroll app is usually well maintained, because of the importance of the data for calculating payslips. It's always possible to add or edit data later, if it's not available at the moment of adding.

- If you've selected fields from the HR tab in the Word template builder, you need forms to gather the data from. Therefore, always add forms to your cases before creating documents. It's always possible to add or edit data later, if it's not available at the moment of adding. The use of forms is not required if you want to create documents.

Add a document to a case

You can add documents to a case from the "What needs to be done" menu. Select "document" from the top bar.
- Add a title to clarify what the document is about.
- Select a document template.
- Add a file name for your Word file.
- Add more detailed information if needed.
- Change date and time if this document is intended to be completed in future.
- Change the assignee if necessary (by default it is assigned to the person adding the document).
- Add a file if necessary to support the document creation.
After adding the document it is still a "draft" version. Open the document by clicking on the document bar from the action. You are now able to add and change data. Click on "Renew file" to apply the changes; the Word file is also updated with these new values.
You can download the Word file by clicking on it. If you have edited your file/document after downloading it, you can also upload the file to the action. By doing so you replace the current file linked to the document. This makes custom adjustments possible, in addition to the data fields you can change.

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