Nmbrs® HR when my Accountant (payroll provider) uses Nmbrs® Payroll


This article is intended for payroll providers using Nmbrs® Payroll who would like to give their customers the ability to connect to or start a Nmbrs® HR app.

Debtor owner

The first step is to select the user who will be granted access to the menu from where Nmbrs® HR can be started or connected.

- Select the organization at debtor level in your Nmbrs® payroll app.

- Open the detail page "Client Login".

- Select the user you want to be able to start an HR app. Please make sure you grant access to the right and authorized person within the customers organisation. Create a new user account if the desired user does not exist yet.

- Check "Debtor Owner" (Debiteur eigenaar) and click Save.

Nmbrs® HR App availability

After selecting a user with access to the app marketplace, the second step is to actually make Nmbrs® HR available in this marketplace.

- Go to tab Settings at debtor level.

- Select "Marketplace settings" (Marktplaats instellingen).

- Check "Nmbrs® HR" to make this app available in the users app marketplace and click Save.


Now share this article with your customer and get started using Nmbrs® HR! 

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