What could forms do for me and how can I use them?


Nmbrs® HR uses "forms" to store and request reusable information. Reusable means that you can use the data fields in other features like documents and email. In addition, forms enable apps to fetch these data fields from your cases.

This article contains all you need to know about forms.

Internal use of forms

Forms are "internal" if the data fields are added by the Nmbrs® HR users. In these cases, it's usually information controlled by HR, for example the start and end date of a contract. This kind of information cannot be managed by employees themselves.

Shared forms

You have the possibility to share forms, so others can help you gather the data you need. What could be more efficient than having all your information being entered "at the source"? Just some examples:

- send forms to employees and new hires;
- ask your facilities department to share details about provided items or lease cars;
- ask managers to update information about their employees (function, salary, contract duration).

Web-to-contact forms*

Web-to-contact forms are used to start cases for those people submitting them. These forms can be public by embedding them on your company website, but they can also be "only" visible on an intranet. Some usage examples: recruitment, education, leave, official complaints, meeting requests, etc.

  • How to "publish" a web-to-contact-form

Form templates

So far, you've learned that forms are very dynamic and can be used in many different cases for different purposes. Nevertheless, there is only one tool to build form templates. This means that one single form template can be used as internal, shared or web-to-contact form at the same time! 
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