What can I do with an email client integration?


An email client integration enables you to store email, lookup people and start cases and to-dos.

Received messages

Each email you open in Outlook or Gmail contains a Nmbrs® HR box, located either above (Outlook) or below (Gmail) the email.

Nmbrs® HR examines the email address from the message and attempts to lookup the person that belongs to the email address. Each email address has to be unique in Nmbrs® HR, therefore a single email address cannot be shared/saved for multiple people.

- Once the person linked to the email address is shown, you can click "Store message" to save the email in the "General file" for this person. This means that it will be shown on the "Overview" page for this person in Nmbrs® HR.

Sent messages

Not only received messages can be stored in your HR app; your reply can be stored as well.

- Just go to your "Sent items" folder and open the email you want to store. With a sent message you can do exactly the same as with a received message. 

Change contact

You email integration by default attempts to find the person linked to the "from" email address. However, you might want to save the email to a different person, or twice to two different people.

- Click on the small chevron icon next to the default persons name. 

- Select "Change contact".

- Now you are able to search for and select the right person for storing the email.

Add new contact

Here we describe 2 scenarios for registering a new person in your HR app. You have to register a person before you can store a message for this person.
The first scenario is to register an unknown email address.
- Select "Add to Nmbrs® HR" next to the email address.
- Complete the form and select "Add".

For the second scenario, you may have noticed the second option "Add new contact" while changing the contact (see previous section). In this scenario, the email address is recognized, but you want to save the email to a person that doesn't exist in your HR app yet.
- Click on the small chevron icon next to the default persons name.

- Select "Add new contact".
- Complete the form and select "Add".
You are now able to store the email to the newly created person.

Change case

It's likely that your communication is related mainly to cases you've started in your HR app. To store an email to a case, you only have to select the case for this person.
- Use the dropdown at "File under" to select the case. 

Add case

You may receive an email for which you have to start a new case. This can be done from the dropdown menu on the right.
- Select "Add case" from the dropdown menu.
- Complete the same form as when starting a case.
- Click on "Save"; Nmbrs® HR now starts a case for you. Please note that the selected workflow might have started already and work will be done automatically for you.

Add to-dos

Not every email you receive needs to be stored to a case or needs a case to be started. If you only need to plan a single "to-do" based on the email, you can use the same dropdown as for adding cases.
- Select "Add to-do" from the dropdown menu.
- Complete the same form as when starting a to-do.
- Click on "Save"; Nmbrs® HR now plans your to-do. Please note that you can select a colleague as assignee or share this to-do. Start delegating work right from your inbox! 

Find out more about installing email client integrations! 

Email client integration

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