How to install the Nmbrs® HR email gadget from the Google apps Marketplace.


Installing the Google gadget for Google apps for Work is straightforward, but it may take a while. The gadget can be quickly added to your Gmail account and setup, but it might time some time for the box below each email to appear, varying from minutes to hours. Google shows the estimated waiting time during installation of add-ins.

Add the gadget

You first have to add the gadget to Gmail.

- Open your Gmail and look for the icon with 9 squares (App drawer). Open this menu and scroll down; look for "More from Apps Marketplace". This option provides access to the Apps for Work Marketplace, where you can find and install the Nmbrs® HR email gadget. 

Please contact your IT department if you do not have the option to open the Google Apps for Work Marketplace or if installing apps is disabled.

- Look for the Nmbrs® HR email gadget and click on Install. The app will ask you to provide access to several services from your Google account.

- After installation, you can open de App drawer again and scroll down to login to Nmbrs® HR. Please do so to add your Google domain to your app.

NOTE: If you are an administrator for this Google Apps for Work domain and install the app as described above, you will install it for all of your users!
If you do so all users will eventually have a Nmbrs® HR box below each of their emails, but they won't be able to login or upload emails. Please install the Nmbrs® HR app using the Admin app instead, and make sure you only install it for the desired user group.

Add your domain

To select the storage location for your email, you have to enter the domain you use in Gmail.

- After logging on to Nmbrs® HR, open the "Settings" menu at the upper right and select "Apps" from the left menu.

- Find "Google" in the list of available apps and click "Connect".

- Enter your domain and click "Save". For example: if your email address is, fill in "" as domain.

Activate your gadget

Now you've made all the connections you need to activate the Google gadget for your user account.

- Click on your profile picture or initials in the upper right corner of Nmbrs® HR and select "Profile".

- Select Google from the left menu and click on the button to activate the Google gadget. It will again ask you for access permissions. 

Be patient

Please note: according to Google it could take up to 24 hours for changes to take effect. However, we never noticed that it took that long.

Google caches some of your Gmail settings; therefore you might have to wait for the cache to be cleared. You may force clearing of the cache by using this link:

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