This article contains all information on using email within Nmbrs® HR.

Work from within your email client

Using the email integration for Gmail in Google apps for Work or for Microsoft Outlook, you are able to work from within your email client. The email client integration is an alternative way to interact with some of the Nmbrs® HR features.

Working directly from your email client provides a much more efficient way to communicate with your contacts: store sent and received emails, update contact details, start cases and keep track of case communication. This integration saves you the trouble of copying messages or having to switch between applications to find information in Nmbrs® HR.  

This article helps you installing the Google Gadget for Gmail:

This article helps you installing the Outlook Add-in for MS Office:

Store email to Nmbrs® HR

Email that is either received by or sent from your connected email client can be stored.

Add a new contact

Nmbrs® HR recognizes contacts/people in your Nmbrs® HR app based on their email address. When you receive an email from an unknown email address, you can either create a new or update an existing contact.

Add cases

Email can be stored in relation to cases. If you have to start a new case, you can still stay in the email gadget/add-in and create a new case to store the email in.

Add to-dos

You can create a to-do for emails that do not need a whole case to be started, but do need something to be done.

Email a request for information

Sending a request for information is part of the "Forms" module in Nmbrs® HR. The article below explains the "Sharing" of forms.

Email an approved document

Sending an approved document is part of the "Documents" module in Nmbrs® HR. The article below explains the "Sharing" of documents.

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