What data is being synced between Nmbrs® HR and Nmbrs® Payroll?


A connection with your Nmbrs® Payroll app has three specific purposes:
- to synchronize basic data for persons connected to employees;
- to find direct links to features in the Nmbrs® Payroll app; and
- to view realtime data stored in your payroll app with person app pages.

Initial data load after connecting

When you initiate a connection from or to your payroll application, persons and other entities are imported.

Please be aware that "mapping" is done based on email addresses. This means that if an email address exists in Nmbrs® HR, the information belonging to an employee in Nmbrs® Payroll is merged with the person in Nmbrs® HR. However, this can be undone if something goes wrong. Please check if the email addresses for employees are unique and correct in Nmbrs® Payroll before connecting. Please also check the people in Nmbrs® HR after connecting your apps properly.

Employees and People
- All existing employees are copied and become persons in Nmbrs® HR.
- The new person is active or inactive, depending on the in or out of service status.
- The employee function becomes the persons function. Non-existing functions will be created.
- Company and department do not exist in Nmbrs® HR. Only during initial load, company and department names are added to the person as tags.
- For each department in Nmbrs® Payroll, a team is created. People are added to these teams, similar to the departments they belong to in the Payroll application.
- Address and contact information for each of the employees is copied.

- During initial load, teams are only created for departments that contain employees in your Payroll app.

- Only functions that are used for your employees are added to Nmbrs® HR.

Real-time synchronization

- New employees are automatically added or connected to Nmbrs® HR.
- Removing employees from Nmbrs® Payroll does not effect persons in Nmbrs® HR.
- If an address changes in Nmbrs® Payroll, all addresses are removed from Nmbrs® HR and replaced with the actual addresses in Nmbrs® Payroll.
- Contact details are synced based on their types.

- After the initial load, department changes in Nmbrs® Payroll will not trigger corresponding team changes. We consider those two entities to have a different purpose.

Person app page Nmbrs® Payroll

Each person with an app mapping to Nmbrs® Payroll has an app page. This page is located on the last tab of that person. The data shown will not be stored in Nmbrs® HR.

What do we show?
- Schedule, salary, company car, contract and employment information, based on the current period of the company in Nmbrs® Payroll. This may differ from the real situation, because Nmbrs® Payroll will change the current period usually around the 25th of each month.

- Payslips for the latest 20 runs of the current year. An employee might not have a payslip for every run.

- The latest 10 employee leave and sickness registrations.

- The latest 5 employee contracts.

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