Can I see the data fields on my Word template?


Yes, you can! It might be very useful to see the actual data fields in the document instead of placeholder text only. Making them visible enables you to check for mistakes and malfunctions. Word supports so many features to compose documents that it is still possible that your data fields are malfunctioning.

For example: if you select and replace a data field within a table, the data field might not be fully replaced. A template might not function very well in Nmbrs® HR if it contains such an error.

Follow these steps to make the data fields visible:

- Open Word and then open the Options menu.

- Select the menu to adjust the "Ribbon menu" (MS Office terminology).

- Add the "Developer" tab to the Ribbon menu.

- Once the developer menu is available, you can open the tab and select "Design mode".

If your document contains data fields they are now visible as such, making it much easier to completely remove data fields. You might also detect the malfunctioning part; in that case just remove the data field and add it again.


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