Nmbrs® HR when already using Nmbrs® (Business) Payroll


This article describes how to start or connect a Nmbrs® HR app from your Nmbrs® Payroll app.
Please make sure you are the "owner" of the application or you've been set as the owner by your payroll provider. To check if you have this "owner" permission, login to you Payroll app and open the drop-down menu from your email address in the upper right corner of your browser window. If you have the option "My account", you have the right permissions to start or connect an HR app.

Share this article with your payroll provider and ask to become application owner for your organisation.

Start or connect

Starting or connecting Nmbrs® HR is very simple.
- If you don't have an HR app you only need to provide the domain ("domain".nmbrs.hr) you want to use to login.

- If you do have an HR app you only need to provide the domain that you use to login ("domain".nmbrs.hr). It's only possible to connect the apps if you are the "owner" of both apps.

Follow these steps to start or connect:
- Login to your payroll app and select the user with "owner" permissions.

- Open the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the window and select "My Account".

- Select Nmbrs® HR.

- Click "Start".

- Check or adjust your domain name.

- Click "Start" to connect or start your app.

- If you've created a new app, you need to click on the activation link in the second step after creation.

You've now connected, and if applicable created, your Nmbrs® apps. You will find a link to your HR app in the details of the connection settings.

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