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The dashboard in Nmbrs® HR is like your desk. We bring all your work together and make sure you can do all your tasks right from your desk. Your dashboard consists of several elements. More details about each one of them can be found below. Please let us know if there is any job you prefer to do right from your dashboard. We don't want you to dig into the archives to find your important jobs. 

Actions lists

Due actions
You will always find your due actions at the top of your dashboard's actions list. These actions should have been done already, according to their date and time settings. If you are not able to finish the due actions soon, you may consider changing the due date. By doing so you will be more productive and keep a clean and clear overview of your tasks.

Today's actions
Obviously, at today's actions we show you all the actions needing your attention today. Similar to due actions, we advise you to "move your actions" if you are not able to finish them today. Keep your overview of work clean and clear.

Next 7 days
It's always comfortable to know what's ahead, so we show you your upcoming tasks for the next 7 days. You might want to prepare for them or, if you are already done with today's tasks, you can start working ahead.
We will not bother you with the next 7 day's work if you have many due and/or today's actions to be finished.

- How to work with actions

Add notes, to-dos or cases

At the top of the dashboard is a bar with the options "Note", "To-do" or "Case". We call this the "What needs to be done". We did not add the option to add forms and documents right from your dashboard, because forms and documents have to be created within a case. Once you've opened the case to which you would like to add a form or document, you will find those two options in the same bar above the actions list.

- More about the "What needs to be done" menu

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