How to install the Nmbrs® HR email add-in from the MS Office Store


Installing the Outlook add-in for Microsoft Office is straightforward, however you need to have access to the Office Store.

Add the add-in

First you have to add the add-in to Outlook.

If you use Office 365 in your webbrowser:
- Open, login and go to "Settings" (cogwheel icon in the upper right of your browser window).

- Select "Manage add-ins". Click on the blue highlighted text to find more add-ins in the Office Store. You can also find the Office Store at (select Outlook). Search for, select and install the Nmbrs® HR add-in.

If you use Microsoft Outlook 2013 SP1 or newer:
- The MS Office Store may be available in Outlook versions from 2013 SP1 onward. Look for a blue hexagon or red shopping bag icon in the "Insert" menu.

- When clicked a pop-up opens. Look for "Nmbrs", select and install the add-in.

You have to connect to an MS Exchange or Office 360 account to obtain access to the Office Store. 

If you can't find a blue hexagon or red shopping bag icon:
- Find the "manage add-ins" button as shown on this image

- By clicking "Manage Add-ins" you will be redirected to your online outlook domain.
- You could now select "Add from the Office Store" to be redirected to the office store.
- Select "Add from a URL" if you can't access the Office store and use the following URL

Microsoft only supports the office store for Exchange versions from 2013 with SP1 onward. Furthermore, your IT department may have hidden the Office Store from view, preventing you from installing third party apps. Please contact your IT department or administrator if you do not have the option to open or install add-ins from the Office Store.

Add your domain

To select the storage location for your email, you have to enter the domain you use in Outlook.

- After logging on to Nmbrs® HR, open the "Settings" menu at the upper right and select "Apps" from the left menu.

- Find "Microsoft Outlook" in the list of available apps and click "Connect".

- Enter your domain and click "Save". For example: if your email address is, fill in "" as domain.

Activate your add-in

Now you've made all the connections you need to activate the Outlook add-in for your user account.

- Open your email client or your inbox in your web browser.

- Select one of your email messages in your inbox to open it in the "Read" panel.

- Look for an add-in icon between the "To:" section and the email content. Click on "Nmbrs® HR".

- You now have to login once to connect with your HR app.  

Start storing email and see how the email integration makes life easier! 

Store Email

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